Scripts and Software

This page contains my software and my AppleScripts. I like AppleScript. Why? Because there are lots of apps that do really cool things that could do them even better if they could talk to each other while they do it. Or to something on the Internet.

I also like other programming environments, like AppleScript Studio, and this page will also feature things I’ve written using other environments. My first app in this category is Manila Envelope.


Application Description Published Revised In My Blog
Manila Envelope Native, simple Mac OS X app that allows posting to your weblog without a browser. Source; news. 17-Jan-2002 14-Oct-2002
Blogging and AppleScript Studio


Script Description Published Revised In My Blog
TextEdit2Blog Post to a Manila blog from TextEdit in MacOS X 10.1. 05-Oct-2001 15-Nov-2001
Blogging in New Places
iTunes2TextEdit Write info about your currently playing iTunes 2 track to TextEdit. 08-Nov-2001 Scripting iTunes
iTunes2Manila Automatically upload your currently playing iTunes song to your weblog as a News Item. 12-Nov-2001 08-Oct-2002
TextEdit2ManilaNews Post from TextEdit to a Manila News Item. Requires ManilaHandler. 15-Nov-2001 Nov 15, 2001
OmniOutliner2OPML Export an OmniOutliner document to OPML. Tested with OmniOutliner 2.0 beta. 15-Mar-2002 19-Mar-2002
Mar 15,2002
Look Up Current Track in Amazon Look up the currently playing iTunes track in Amazon and display details. Requires AmazonHandler and SOAPXMLRPCHandler. 28-Jun-2003 v.1.0a1 Jun 28,2003
massDeleteManila Delete a batch of Manila messages by message ID. Requires ManilaHandler (included). 24-Jul-2005 v.1.0 Jul 25, 2005
Increment Playcount Bump the playcount of an iTunes item by 1. Requires a version of iTunes for which playcount is writable (post-iTunes 4). 04-Jan-2006 v.1.0 Jan 4, 2006

Script Libraries

Script Description Published Revised In My Blog
AmazonHandler Support library to access the Amazon Web Services API. Requires the SOAPXMLRPCHandler script. 19-Jul-2002 19-Jul-2002
ManilaHandler Support library needed for several of my Manila scripts. Requires the SOAPXMLRPCHandler script. 12-Nov-2001 08-Oct-2002
Nov 12, 2001
SOAPXMLRPCHandler Support library needed for several of my scripts to make SOAP calls. 12-Nov-2001 08-Oct-2002