Manila Envelope 1.0.1 Released

Manila Envelope 1.0.1 has been released. It incorporates the following bug fixes:

  • Icon mask set incorrectly at most sizes, resulting in a black outline around the icon.
  • App would crash if site url contained “http://”. You can now enter a full URL with “http://” in Preferences.
  • Changing the URL in Preferences now clears the cached site name. This is necessary to allow posting to more than one site.
  • There was previously no feedback provided if a news item was posted successfully. This has been fixed.
  • In some circumstances, the status panel would never close if a connection error occurred, requiring the user to force quit Manila Envelope. This has been fixed (I think).
  • The text field on the status panel was too small for some messages; the field has been enlarged.

In addition, the following new features were added:

  • You can now open an existing text file into the message body area. Only plain text files, not rich text files, are supported.
  • Manila Envelope will now convert two returns between paragraphs to an HTML <p> tag, and will convert most special characters (e.g. á, ü, Ñ) to their HTML entity equivalents.

Thanks to all the testers noted yesterday, and to Christopher Tarfman for his nifty replaceSubstrings function, which made some of the new features possible.