Mac Stories

This page collects the stories I’ve written about the Mac and its technology. I’m an end user who’s developed for other platforms, but I’m getting excited enough about Mac OS X to start writing for and about the platform. For my writings about the Internet at large and other broad technology topics, see my Internet stories.

News Items about the Mac

The list of news items that I’ve written about the Mac can be accessed here.

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Here are the five most recent Mac-related news items:

Mac Stories

And here are full stories I’ve written about the Mac:

Story Date
Fun with Streaming 6/14/2001
The Verdict 6/28/2001
Think Diff’rent 7/18/2001
Apple: How to Bury an Important Announcement 7/19/2001
Evolution 7/20/2001
Virii and Ecosystem Health 7/25/2001
Phasers on “Bore,” Mr. Spock: Peaceful Coexistence 8/29/2001
A Long Awaited Upgrade 10/02/2001
Blogging in New Places 10/03/2001
It’s a Big Scripting Party 10/04/2001
Not your father’s AppleScript 12/18/2001

You may also want to check out these web sites about the Mac, XML-RPC and SOAP, and the industry at large: