Internet Stories


The posts that I’ve written about Internet related topics can be accessed here.


This list collects my stories about miscellaneous Internet things, including online communities and XML-RPC. In some cases, the technology focus is in a sub-part of the story. I’ve listed those stories as <title>:<technology part title>. If you want to read the whole story, click on <title>; if you want the technology specific part, click on the part after the colon.

If you’re interested in technology on the Mac platform, also check out my Mac writings.

Story Date
The Verdict 6/28/2001
And the eyeball’s red glare… 7/3/2001
For Amateurs 7/12/2001
Apple: How to bury an important announcement 7/19/2001
Evolution 7/21/2001
Who do you want to see your secrets today? 7/24/2001
Single Sign-In 7/24/2001
Virii and Ecosystem Health 7/25/2001
A Steampunk Party 7/26/2001
Hammered 7/27/2001
Industry Update 7/31/2001
History Repeating 8/1/2001
All in the Family: Spam 8/2/2001
Way Down in the WELL 8/6/2001
Gettin’ Creative: Creative Language 8/7/2001
Seanbaby got Slashdotted 8/14/2001
Little changes, big changes: The change that never comes 9/4/2001
Where Everyone (Wants to) Know Your Name 9/26/2001
Blogging in New Places 10/3/2001
It’s a Big Scripting Party 10/4/2001