Hooblogs: List of Blogging Wahoos

This is intended as an index of Wahoos (University of Virginia alumni) with weblogs, and as a public service to any Wahoos who are writing a story about webloggers and need a cross section of weblogs that are related by an essentially random factor—common university affiliation of their owners—rather than by subject matter (e.g. warbloggers).

In cases where the Hoo has two or more degrees, I’ll list them by date of their earliest degree.

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Year Name Blog
1979 [Law] Allen Brill The Right Christians
1985 [GSBA] Al Bonnyman Community Broadband Networks
1986 Steven R. Minor SW Virginia Law Blog
1989 [masters] James Capozzola The Rittenhouse Review
1990 Dennis Logue The Elephant
1990 Ian T. Fisk Parachute Phrases
1991 (SEAS) Erik Hatcher Erik Hatcher
1991 (SEAS) Nitin Malhotra Of Mice and Men
1991 (CLAS) W. Scott Greco Securities Fraud Blog
1993 (CLAS)
1996 (Law)
??? The Chinaberry Tree
1993 (CLAS) Allison DeFrees There is no universal now
1993 Lisa Guernsey Lisa Guernsey’s Weblog
1993 Rob Krupicka Krupicka For Council
1994 Chris Anderson Music Worth Listening To
1994 [CLAS]
1998 [Law]
Greg Greene The Green[e]house Effect
Blog For America (contributor)
1994 Timothy Jarrett Jarrett House North
The Sony Boycott Blog
1994 [masters] Matthew Kirschenbaum MGK
1994 [law] John S. Mitchell, Jr. Beaverhausen Blog
1994 John Park Park Haus Addition
1995 Jeff Hawkins Jeff Hawkins’ Journal
1996 Wyeth Ruthven WyethWire
Wahoo Pundit
1996 Jen Sorensen SlowpokeBlog
1997 Esta Jarrett Estaminet
1997 “Stiz Stizzerson” so this is what it’s like to be an adult…
1998 Luke Melia Luke Melia
1998 Micah Schwartzman Political Theory
Crooked Timber (contributor)
1998 [law] “Neil Morse” The Queue
1998 [Law] Joshua Waxman WaxWorks
1999 [CLAS]
2002 (law)
Craig Agule cka3n
1999 Brian Hight Smile When You Say That
1999 Scott David Herman Erasing.org
1999 (CLAS)
2004 (Ph.D)
Todd A. Price A Frolic of My Own
2001 Kisha Lynn kishalynndotcom
2002 Jenny Bryan Diaries of a Disgruntled Temp
2002 [GSAS] Wayne Wei-Siang Hsieh Archidamus-on-the-Web
2002 Gwen Kern Gwen’s Journal
2002 Dave Werner Okay Samurai
2002 Scott Wrightson Wunderkinder
2003 Jason Michael Chin The Waterslide
2003 Kim Everitt a certain shade of [green]
2004 Chris Durrance What a horrible night to have a curse.
2004 (Law) Melissa Lafsky Opinionistas
???? “Tin Man” Tin Man
???? “TJ” inefficiency.org
2005 Brad Campbell Brad’s Reveries
2005 Hunter Chorey Jarsonic Plan
2005 [CLAS]
2008 [Law]
Brian Leung Brian Leung’s journal
2005 [law] ??? Handful of Sand
???? ???? Half the Sins of Mankind

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