Virginia Glee Club Memories

John Vick with me at Myrtle Beach in 1993

John Vick and me (with Sean Murray in the background with his back to the camera), May 13 1993 at Myrtle Beach in one of the Glee Club’s rooms at the Tilghman.

Somehow years ago the Club had conned someone at the Tilghman into renting a couple of condos to us during beach week, and somehow despite the inevitable frightening experiences we were able to keep coming back.

Don Webb addresses the audience

Don Webb addresses the audience at the Concert on the Lawn, April 22, 1994.

Don doing what he does best, speaking meaningfully. Little did we know he was about to go drink a lot of alcohol with the next president of the Glee Club… Also visible (from left to right): first row Frank Cardillo, Alex Cohn, Tim Boda, Eric Rothwell; second row Shawn Felton, Chris Greenberg, Chris Hawkins, Andrew “Jewels” Breen; third row Marcus Hagegård; top row Kevin Ritz.

John Lin, Don Webb, and me

Also at the Concert on the Lawn, April 22, 1994: John “Turbo” Lin, Don Webb, and I leave the concert.

Three ex-Glee Club officers (John had been business manager of the Glee Club when Jim Heaney was president (1992-93)). Chris Baltimore is visible in the background between me and John; Chris’s future roommate, Parker Hudnut, is at Don’s left.