Too Cheap to Call

I’d like to publicly thank my brother for several things:

1. For getting me hooked on the Afro Celt Sound System.

2. For introducing me to L33t. Ph34r |/|y 5|<|llz!

Yeah, yeah, so I’m blogging instead of calling again. Hey Tim, I blew a wad at Plan 9 and have been reading MegaTokyo again. I also finally saw Traffic last night — I’m still not able to coherently formulate an editorial, beyond “it rox”. If you haven’t seen it, do.

The other good things that happened this weekend are that I got to go to Brusters Ice Cream twice, and heard a lecture by members of a local Mosque. A husband and wife team experienced in answering the questions of oblivious Christians came to talk to my church’s youth groups. Conclusion: an all-round stunning realization of how much we have in common. Sure, you can talk unity, but sit down sometime and talk to someone, and do the math yourself. Pretty revealing.

My computer is showing signs of wanting to crash (dratted Brio) so I’m gonna post this quick. More later! P34c3 O|_|t!