Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning

Yesterday morning, I got up before sunrise and went for a walk to motivate myself at the start of the week. It was quite lovely — the stars were still out, and the light from the moon lit up the few clouds scattered like thumbprints across the sky. Going for a walk in my neighborhood can be a little hazardous, since a stroll of any length requires one to go out on the main road, which is narrow, windy, and sans sidewalk. Nothing like risking your neck first thing on a Monday morning. It was worth it, though, since most of the walk goes through the woods on small, unfrequented trails. I used to be afraid to go through those trails by myself in the dark — particularly after I saw “Blair Witch” — but I’m over it now. Our neighbors may be weird and hermit-ish, but they’d never hurt anyone.

This morning, I couldn’t get myself out of bed in time to go for a walk before work. No staring at thumbprints in the sky for me today, at least not yet. Everyone’s trying very hard to get life back to normal, as per Pres. Bush’s request, but “normal” is relative. It’s probably a good thing that I’m still not able to go on a comfortable daily auto-pilot. Everything I see, smell, or hear is significant, and leads to a train of mental associations that usually I don’t have the energy to pursue. Nothing worth sharing, unfortunately, unless you really want to hear about how my basement felt and smelled when I’d watch cartoons as a kid. No? Okay.

I know I’m rambling today, but that’s okay. It’s a rambling kind of day. Despite the Cowboy Junkies reference in today’s title, I’m listening to REM‘s “Murmur” and thinking about my to-do list for the week. Since I’m leaving for NC on Friday to visit my parents — a birthday celebration — I’m trying to get everything in order before I leave.

Speaking of birthdays, today’s the birthday of my wonderful sister-in-law, Lisa. Hope it’s a good one, honey. Having a birthday in the middle of the week sucks, but maybe you can convince my brother to cook you dinner or something. No pressure, Tim.

The only other news I have is that I’ve discovered a new addiction: UVa’s E-Text Center Archives. Many, many books that you can read online. I believe my brother was involved in getting this project started in some way, and if so, it’s greatly to his credit, because it rocks. If you like books, of course.

That’s all for now — have a good Tuesday, everyone.