OK, So I’m a Slave to the NBC Man

For the record, the haircut turned out well. It’s really, really short. Well, at least in my mind. My hair grows faster than the usual mortal’s, so I nearly wept as she clipped inches away. But now it’s all bouncy and stuff. Bouncy is very, very good.

Blogging quickly…I meandered this morning and I’m late in getting work done. But I wanted to say hi. The weekend starts tonight: I’m going over to Angela’s place to watch the Thursday night lineup with some friends. Am I wrong in thinking that this is something that unifies all people my age? Well, all middle-class college-educated people my age, anyway. Every Thursday night, all my friends, no matter where they are, drop everything to watch Friends through “ER”. My dad thinks I’m over-generalizing when I say this, but I don’t think I am.

I’m looking forward to this weekend for real, because I’m staying in town and won’t be having any houseguests. Mary visited last weekend and it was wonderful (my cheeks hurt from laughing), but having a weekend to yourself to do what you want is a different kind of good. A very satisfying kind of good.

Gotta run — sorry for rambling. Have a great day!