News About Berkeley

For those of you concerned about our friend Berkeley Brandt, who suffered a stroke a few weeks ago, here’s the latest update on his condition, in an email from his wife.

“November 2, 2001

We are making progress!

Berkeley is going to be transported to a rehabilitation hospital here in Newport News, VA. It is actually affiliated with Riverside Regional Hospital. They are planning to move him there on Monday for intensive physical and cognitive therapy. I am not sure how long he will be in rehab, but hopefully no more that a week or two. He may even need some in-home therapy as well, but we will deal with that as it comes. He is making progress each day. He walked from one end of the hospital hall to the other without the walker and with little help from the physical therapist.

Zach and Zoe got to visit Berkeley for the first time on Halloween night. I took them up to the hospital to show off their outfits. It was a glorious and tearful reunion. Zoe just curled up on her Daddy’s lap and put her head down on his shoulder as if to soothe all his aches and hurts away. Zach and Zoe did very well. We have gone back every night since then for little visits just to get their “Daddy fill”. The elevator rides may have something to do with their enthusiasm as well, but I’m not going to mention that to Berkeley. Thank you all for your thoughts, cards, phone calls, and especially prayers. Keep them coming!”