In the Midst of It All, a Muffin

Someone brought bagels and English muffins into the office this morning. Nothing could be more logical. “A tragedy has happened on our soil; of course we need baked goods.”

So much insanity…I suppose we need the familiar to cling to. Yesterday, there was a run on the gas stations. A kindergartner in Richmond asked her teacher if there was a bomb in the school. Co-workers at my office talked eagerly of joining the military: “We need to take ’em out.” More surreally, the latest Newsweek arrived in the mail, with no mention of the tragedy. What was the world like before this?

After I got out of the shower this morning I stared at my face in the mirror for a long moment. The vulnerability is sinking in, I guess. Why them and not me? Why do I deserve to still have a quiet morning on the farm, with the rituals of conditioner, leaky faucet, hot coffee? I forced myself to make up the bed instead of leaving it rumpled; to take the normal route to work. Terror will affect this country in many ways (see Tim’s thoughts from earlier) but I will still make my bed.

As we go through today and the days to come, treat each other carefully. We have all been attacked; we will all need reassurance. Be well, my friends.