Happy Birthday

I apologized to Tim earlier this week for not publicly commenting more on his writing style, saying I didn’t want the site to become too “Donny and Marie”. He responded with such a string of invective that it blistered the screen. Geeze, I thought. Touchy. I wonder what I can do to *really* annoy him?

That, plus the embarrassment factor, is the point of today’s message. You see, it’s Tim’s birthday tomorrow. My big brother is 29. I wonder if he’ll be like our middle school math teacher, Ms. Bivens, and never age past this year?

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Ti-him,
Happy birthday to yoooou!

Tim’s a good brother. We haven’t always gotten along…I remember throwing snowballs at his bedroom window one time, and him knocking out my 2 front teeth with a pillow…but we’ve always gotten along, if that makes sense. Very sibling. When I got to UVa he took care of me, making me tea after a disappointing audition, and calling “the boys” to take care of me when a scary neighbor wouldn’t leave me alone. I always had his back too, although sometimes from a distance…the first fight I ever got into was with Kenny, the bully at the bus stop, who didn’t like Tim. I was 6. I wonder where Kenny is now? Wherever you are, Kenny, I’m still mad at you.

I guess we’re pretty unusual because we’re friends. I’m crazy glad for that. Like I told Debbie last night, he’s the only one in the world who gets all of my jokes. He laughs with me, whereas most people usually laugh at me. I’m thankful for this blog thing because it keeps us in better touch, which will be important when he and Lisa move out west. If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile (or even if this is your first visit) you know what kind of person Tim is, so I needn’t elaborate here. I’ll just say this: I love ya, bro, and you deserve the best. Have a wonderful day.