Black Dog

I know I haven’t written a whole lot this week. My apologies to my hordes of ravenous fans (in my world, 3 long-suffering friends and my Dad count as a horde), but I haven’t really found much to say that I thought would be worth sharing. Want to know why I’m blue? These are the most exciting things that have happened to me today:

1. I woke up thinking it was Saturday. Man, that sucks.

2. The cute boy in the office and I said the same thing at the same time in the kitchen and laughed about it.

3. It’s payday. (Okay, admittedly, that’s pretty exciting. Hooray for payday!)

And that’s it. Man, this day better pick up soon. After you’ve dealt with the black dog (as my family calls depression) for awhile, you can’t take a bad mood lightly. Of course, freaking out over a bad sad mad mood does heaps of good for any psyche. So, I bury myself in good music (what would I do without Soul Coughing’s “Irresistable Bliss”?), avoid the news, and make plans for tomorrow. Wishing you all a good Friday…

Cranky P.S.

Hey, if I’m gonna blog I’m gonna darn well put what I want on it, including whining about my stinky moods. Deal with it.