Blabbermouth Boss and Other News

Nice to know people care. In the past day, since posting a message about layoffs at work, I’ve gotten concerned responses from several of you. I do appreciate it, almost as much as I appreciated finding out yesterday afternoon that there’s no real reason for me to worry. I talked in-depth with a middle-level VP who assured me that, since I’ve been trained for so many different tasks in recent months, my job is as secure as it’s possible to be in the current economy. So it’s not 100% reassuring, but it’s better than it was as 10:00 a.m. yesterday.

There’s actually a funny story behind all of this. It turns out that we weren’t really supposed to know about the layoffs yet. As my VP friend put it, the “upper echelon isn’t talking”. But apparently the uppermost of the echelon didn’t think the rule applied to him, because he told a friend at the YMCA what he was doing. Naughty Mr. President; you forgot that your confidante is a close friend of one of your employees, who loyally came back and said, “So, what’s up with everyone getting the axe in your office?”

I really hope he feels bad about that.

In other news, My friend Pam (who got married in September) told me yesterday that an ex-boyfriend of mine has finally realized that he has issues and is in therapy. See, *I* could have told him to do that years ago, but no, I let him figure it out for himself. So now, years later, he apparently wants to call me and apologize for everything. Now, that should be an interesting conversation. I’d accept his apology if he offers one, but in reality I owe him a thank-you for introducing me to Aretha Franklin when we broke up. As far as I’m concerned, we’re even.

Tying this message in (briefly) with my brother’s, I’d like to mention that I’m glad Tim Kaine won for Va’s Lieutenant Governor. I met him last year when he came to speak at my church, and he’s the only politician I’ve ever met who wasn’t slimy or fake and with whom I agreed on all the issues. He believes as vehemently as I do in active community outreach, and more, he practices what he preaches. Plus, he has practical, workable approaches for solving many of the area’s problems. Hooray for the local boy!

So, I guess things here are as normal as they can be. It’s Wednesday; what more need I say? Have a good one, everyone!