A Number of Gifts

The Shower

The past few days have been pretty crazy for me. On Saturday I threw my first bridal shower, which was exciting in a way, nerve wracking in another, and very, very fun. The bride, Pam Gray, preferred a women-only shower, so I did my best to turn the event into a space for women to talk and share and bond. Much to my delight, it was. Pam’s friends and relatives showed up with stories about relationships gleaned from years of collective experience, which made the gifts more meaningful. A lot of the bonding went on behind the scenes, however. Carol Brandt (my friend Christina’s mom) hosted the party for me, since my parents no longer live in the Hampton Roads area. She put in many hours of cooking and shopping, leaving only minor tasks for us to do during the actual weekend. Her selfless spirit and creativity (the woman makes the best petit-fours you’ve ever tasted) were a wonderful gift and a lesson in friendship. Plus, she’s a ton of fun. Thanks, dear woman, you’re the best.

By the way, if anyone wants leftovers, come to Richmond and look in my fridge. 7 sweets, 7 savories and a whole lot of sangria are going to go to waste otherwise.

The Visit

Mom came into town last night, on her way north to Pennsylvania, where she’ll be spending the week with family. I love when my parents come to visit my farm, and more when they stay the night, because I get to show hospitality and pamper them for a change. It’s definitely a gift to get to the point where you’re friends with your parents. I made dinner (which was darn good, if I say so myself…more on that below) and took her out for ice cream at Bruster’s, a place that makes some really divine stuff, including Cotton Candy Explosion that has pop rocks in it. Pop rocks! You gotta go there if you get the chance. Remind me and I’ll take you when you come to town…I’m always willing to go.

The Barefoot Contessa

A long overdue “thank you” to whoever gave me a copy of The Barefoot Contessa‘s cookbook awhile back. It’s fabulous! Last night I made fresh-squeezed lemonade and roasted veggies from recipes in the book, and had the sublime pleasure of watching my mother rave and then copy the recipe. That moment of pride alone will carry me through the rest of my week.