A Message from the Contributing Editor

Hey, all. Tim says, since he named me as his contributing editor, that I need to introduce myself to the readers. This, I think, is rather silly: wouldn’t it be more entertaining to create your own impressions based on what I write (not to mention, easier for my slack self)?

For instance, I could be:

  1. a dirty-footed gamine with nimble fingers and a quick wit
  2. a twenty-something writer from Virginia who makes good biscuits
  3. a Yeti
  4. an operatic diva who can be just plain ornery

Some or any of the above could be true. Take your pick, enjoy what you read, respond frequently, and do your part to keep the Internet in the hands of the everyman. Peace out.

Addendum, January 2002: It’s pretty obvious that I’ve scaled back my contributions to this site. It honestly hasn’t been deliberate. I still intend to write pithy little observations from time to time. I just don’t think it’s going to be an everyday thing or even an every-other-day thing anymore. But this is a killer site, even without my omnipresence, so don’t cry for me, Argentina…

My Words

Story Date
The Summer of Me 8/2/2001
Gao Zhan and Long-Distance Friendships 8/2/2001
Soft Shell Crabs vs. Wal-Mart 8/3/2001
The Other Voices 8/7/2001
Small-Town America, or It’s the Food That Matters 8/9/2001
A Number of Gifts 8/14/2001
Rough and Tumble 8/20/2001
The Dog Ate My Coherency 8/21/2001
Handful of Meat: It’s What’s for Breakfast 8/27/2001
All About Me 8/28/2001
The Really Big Stuff 8/30/2001
Christmas in September 9/04/2001
Hunt for Order (Sharks and Harmonicas) 9/06/2001
We’ll Talk in Present Tenses 9/07/2001
The Summer of Me Concluded 9/10/2001
Reaction 9/12/2001
In the Midst of It All, a Muffin 9/12/2001
End of the Week 9/14/2001
Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning 9/18/2001
Requiem for a Dog 9/20/2001
Good Thoughts 9/25/2001
525,600 Minutes 9/27/2001
American Zen 9/28/2001
Too Cheap to Call 10/01/2001
Frogs and Squirrels 10/02/2001
Salon.com Article 10/02/2001
Black Dog 10/05/2001
Mad About Names, But Still Cheerful 10/05/2001
Allergies 10/12/2001
Questions, and a Trial 10/15/2001
Smacking Cows 10/16/2001
The Commute, and Happier Things 10/19/2001
Evil Bert et al 10/22/2001
Fall! Fall! Fall! 10/23/2001
System of a Down 10/25/2001
A Valuable Lesson 10/26/2001
Succinct Update (Snort) 10/31/2001
The Home Idea 11/01/2001
Moon Juice and a Hair Pipe 11/02/2001
Weekend Update 11/05/2001
News About Berkeley 11/05/2001
Once In a Lifetime 11/06/2001
Blabbermouth Boss and Other News 11/07/2001
Hausfrau & a Song Doth Not a Day Make 11/08/2001
Back to School 11/09/2001
A Truly Great Day 11/10/2001
Eyes Turned to NYC, Again 11/12/2001
I So Tired 11/13/2001
Good God, It’s Early 11/15/2001
Church/Sex/Music 11/16/2001
Saturday at Work 11/17/2001
Life Carries On 11/19/2001
Heavy Clouds but (very little) Rain 11/20/2001
White Trash 11/21/2001
Dharma Bums 11/23/2001
Soft Black Butter 11/29/2001
A sad day for rock and roll 11/30/2001
Happy Birthday 12/02/2001
Haircut! 12/05/2001
OK, So I’m a Slave to the NBC Man 12/06/2001
Dream 12/17/2001
Pre-Christmasness 12/21/2001
Playing catch up 12/28/2001