Well, that’s one kind of feedback!

I was so busy with classwork, I almost didn’t notice. But I got one of Dave‘s nominations for the Scripting News Awards, in the category of Best Scripting Weblog. I guess that’s further validation that what I’ve been doing is valuable.

I don’t really feel worthy to be on the same list as Suck, Blogdex, Adam Curry, Doc Searls, and all the rest of the talented nominees. I have no illusions about my worthiness relative to Mark Pilgrim, Sjoerd Visscher, or View from an Iowa Homestead. But I’m putting up a “Vote for me” link anyway.

Good morning and happy blog day

Hi all. Looking back over the last few days, I’m pretty happy with the format change experiment. I’m updating more frequently and it’s easier to go and pull all related stories together (I used to have to update the topic pages by hand, and probably will continue to have to do so a bit longer).

On the downside, my writing style has changed a bit. I used to be a bit better at remembering to write about me as well as whatever random link I happened to be looking at at the time. I think that’ll come back soon. It seems that there’s just an adjustment period to settling into a new writing style before my voice comes out again.

Experimenting with Site Layout

This is an experiment with using the news items feature of Manila. This feature will do a few things for the site

  • It will enable me to post things more directly to the website
  • It will eliminate some of the date and time confusion that the site has occasionally had when posting an item late on a certain day
  • It will improve the syndication of the site, making it easier for users of tools like Radio to point to things on my site

We’ll see how it goes.

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Listening to the new Wilco album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, in streaming audio from their website. It’s a very different album from the predecessors, but I like what I’m hearing. I don’t think their old label, Reprise, did, though–they’ve been dropped and are currently shopping for a new home. I’ll be looking forward to hearing them next week at the Avalon. I haven’t been hearing as much music as I did in Seattle (after all, I have to go to classes!) but I’m still getting out when I can.

Any guesses on the meaning of the album name? I still get a giggle from an interview with Jeff Tweedy where he revealed that the name of their previous album, “Summerteeth,” came from the fact that a lot of the members of the band had severe dental problems while recording the album. “You know the joke: I have summerteeth. Some are teeth and some aren’t.”

Still playing with the website. I think I’m going to turn the front page of the site into a proper news bits format, like Dave uses on scripting.com. Maybe then I’ll update more frequently. The nice thing about that format is it works much better for syndication than essays.

If you haven’t looked at what’s been keeping me busy lately, check out “e-MIT” and the “E-52s”. I’m looking forward to Thursday’s general e-MIT meeting and finding some people who want to continue the work I’ve been doing on the operational strategy and execution for the website. And we should be announcing a new E-52s lineup tonight.

Jarrett House North

Well, we just returned from our trips to Ireland and France. We have plenty of photos, and I will be posting those as time and disk space permit.
Jarrett House North is the northernmost outpost of my little corner of the Jarrett family. The next nearest claim to the title is my sister’s home in Richmond (sister pictured, right), followed by my folks’ place in Newport News, Virginia. After that it’s all North Carolina and the ancestral (stony) ground. Tim and Esta, circa 1976.

What’s Here.

The long-promised sets of photos from our European trips are looking for a home. I’m out of disk space on my old Mac and experimenting with different free web hosting services. At some point the whole page may move there; right now, I’ll just be hosting the pictures.

What’s Not (Yet)

I’d really like to get some information together on the publications I worked on in school, such as Rag & Bone and Aleph.

Who knows? Maybe my wife will want to put some things up here too…