Happy Birthday, Tim

I’m using my long-neglected status as contributing editor at JHN to jump in and wish my brother an unmitigatedly happy birthday. All the best, Tim; you deserve it. In the words of Ogden Nash:

Year swallows year and licks its lips,
Then down the gullet of next year slips.

Congratulations, Tim and Lisa

While Tim is (hopefully) at home sleeping off his jetlag, I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing him and Lisa the very best on their 5th wedding anniversary. It’s times like this that being on opposite coasts really bites; a card and phone call hardly seem adequate. Fortunately, they’re both sensible people who know a good thing when they see it, so while I can’t help them celebrate in person on the 5th, hopefully I’ll catch them on the 10th through 50th and beyond.


Thanks to Tim for mentioning my pilgrimage trip a few days ago. The trip, to the Borderlands Ranch in South Dakota, was part of the youth program at my church, for which I have been a leader during the past two years. I’ve posted my journal from the trip if anyone’s interested in reading it.

Accidental Pilgrim

I don’t think Tim and Lisa are visiting any of the places mentioned in this article, but it makes good reading nonetheless. The author’s description of Rome on Easter makes me wonder what the heck my brother is getting himself into.


Next, the Emmys!

Popping on quickly to share some family news: Tim’s and my father, Gus, auditioned for a walk-on spot on a TV pilot yesterday. Andie MacDowell is starting something up in the Asheville area. At this point I think I can legitimately say: our Dad is cooler than your Dad.

grr. grr. grr.

Today’s the day: the company deadline for removing all IM software from our computers. Management, in its less than infinite wisdom, thinks its distraction potential outweighs its usefulness as a business tool. Personally, I’m not over-fond of IM, and amn’t particularly sorry to see it go. But what does it say about managers that, rather than search for the real reasons that their employees’ productivity is dropping, would rather rant, rave, treat the employees like children and take away their toys? 1. The economy’s too bad for them to give us the bonuses and raises we need to make this job worthwhile. 2. They’re idiots, and bad managers. 3. They’re just as addicted to Solitaire and Minesweeper as the rest of us.

Back, with tangerines

My turn to rise from the blogger dead. I’ve been laid flat (lain flat?) for the past few days by a very nasty cold bug, which I unintentionally and not on purpose probably gave to Tim during his visit. And my Internet connection at home isn’t working for the very simple reason that someone out there is out to get me. Seriously, I’m back, I’m eating tangerines, I’m reasonably content and on the way to being more so.

About Pop Pop: like Tim said, it’s been incredibly hard on the whole family — I don’t think any of us had realized how much we rely on Pop Pop to hold us together. Mom says that he’s doing better, though — his blood sugar was way, way down last night. As long as Mom has reason to be optimistic, so do I.

Have a great day, all…

Dave, we hardly knew amiable entrepreneur ye

(I asked Tim at our family reunion on Saturday if he intended to do any blogging while on the road. “Maybe a little,” he said. I’d like to draw derisive attention to the “little” that takes up the rest of this page. Geeze Louise.)

Sad news today, folks: Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s, has died. Hats off and a moment of silence for the creator of the Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

women musicians

A friend and I have been discussing lately how hard it is to sort through all the mess to find really good music by women artists. I decided to put my money where my mouth is and pull cds out of my collection that feature women singers/songwriters. The list is here. A few notes: Lauryn Hill is missing, but only because Tim borrowed my cd. I’ve left out groups such as the Cowboy Junkies that only have a female lead singer, but included groups such as Concrete Blonde when that singer does most of the songwriting. I was pleasantly surprised; I’ve got more than I thought I did, although it’s still not a big enough proportion of my collection. I offer this list (complete with web sites) as a starter’s list for the uninitiated.

Yo, Ashcroft

“I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the rights of the people by the gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” -James Madison, fourth US president (1751-1836)

Girlfriends and dressing

Happiness = sharing shellfish and wine with my best girlfriends. They, along with mucho crusty bread, a huge salad, and way too many old jokes, conspired to make Friday one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. Many, many thanks to Christina, Jackie, Steph and Debbie (as well as Jack’s golden, Millie) for putting up with what was basically a selfish impulse of mine to have as many of my girlfriends together under one roof as possible (we missed you, Pam and Mary). And thanks as well to Guido (no lie), our waiter at lunch on Saturday, for one of the more surreal dining experiences I’ve ever had. You know when the waiter says, “I want to bask in your radiance” that something loopy is going on.

Hey Stiz, here’s that salad dressing recipe you asked for: coat the greens in olive oil till they’re shiny. Combine balsamic vinegar with lemon and lime juice, sugar, salt, pepper and thyme to taste. Shake it all up and pour over the greens just before you serve. Credit where credit’s due: Tim’s mother-in-law, Ramona Lucadamo, taught me how to make it.

There was more to my weekend, but I’ll have to tell you about it later. Dinner’s ready! Man, I love it when Debbie cooks…