End of the week link roundup

I’m writing this in the back seat of our minivan on my iPhone, surrounded by a pair of Bichons who don’t travel well. So links are what you’re going to get. 

IBM: Migrating security to the cloud: a model for Total Cost of Ownership. I thought I had seen all the models for savings from adopting SaaS products, but this one adds a few factors I hadn’t considered. 

Aeon: Why bullshit is no laughing matter. In passing, this article uses tweets by Deepak Chopra to illustrate the qualities of BS and calls out some reliable signs of it: “The words … are unnecessarily complex, and the intended meanings are not obviously clear. Perhaps the tweets have been constructed to impress rather than inform. Chopra might have used vagueness as a tool to elicit profundity.”

Doom and Gloom from the Tomb: Invisible Hits 2016. Roundup of interesting Pitchfork articles from the bootleg folks. 

Smithsonian: Listen to JRR Tolkien read songs and poems from the Lord of the Rings. Um, yes please.