Hacking away

It was an incredibly busy last couple of days, to the point where I couldn’t even think at some points. The older I get the more I learn things about my cognitive style. Things like: there’s a point beyond which I can’t multitask any more, where adding additional things to the “to do” list simply adds anxiety. Where the startup time for thinking about any additional item is more than the time allotted to work on any small item.

I don’t know when my multitasking muscles got so flabby.

It’s Veracode‘s Hackathon, meaning Thursday and Friday (and Monday) we all are encouraged to work on something outside our normal work responsibilities, whether for fun or for something that moves the company forward or both. There have been patents and product features that have come out of these hackathons, as well as … more explosive experiments.

But this afternoon is the best part of it, when I get to bring my kids to the office to work on their own hacks. When my daughter was six she made LED throwies; there have also been programming classes and giant fort construction events. I hear tell there might be an egg drop this afternoon. Can’t wait.