Miscellaneous links roundup

Lots of stuff has accumulated in my iPhone Safari browser (the modern day equivalent of “too many tabs open in Firefox”). Here’s a few items of potential interest:

Boston area

Boston Light Tours: The oldest lighthouse site in America, with the current tower built in 1785 on foundations dating to 1713, is open for day tours. Selling it to my kids: “It’s only 76 steps—that’s a lot less than the Bunker Hill monument!”

Software and Business

1944 OSS Sabotage Manual (via): brilliant tips on physical and organizational sabotage. I especially like the tips on sabotaging organizational efficiency: “Always insist on doing everything through ‘channels.’ Never permit short-cuts to be taken in order to expedite decisions.”

So you wanna go on-prem do ya: The best explanation yet for why it’s so hard to take native SAAS/cloud software back on premise—and why it’s getting harder over time.


Milk Sherbet (a Mid-Century Menu recipe). On our list to try out this summer.

Barbecued Chicken (a New York Times recipe). Always worth revisiting the basics.


A Historical Sketch and Selected Documents Relating to the Jefferson Literary & Debating Society. 2011 paper by Thomas Howard and Owen Gallogly providing a thumbnail history of the University’s oldest extant organization.

Patron’s Choice: Exploring the Gannaway/Ganaway Family Roots. Excellent post about tracing family history and the difficulties of doing so across the boundaries of slavery. I haven’t done the research yet but suspect that the slave-owning family may be the ancestors of Glee Club president Malcolm W. Gannaway. More to come…


“Alrac” – Paul Bley (Doom and Gloom from the Tomb). A belated pointer to this bootleg in memory of the late great jazz pianist and composer Paul Bley.

The Meters: 5/30/80 / New Orleans, LA Saenger Theatre (Aquarium Drunkard). Live footage from a Meters concert. Funk is, indeed, its own reward.

Tom Verlaine: The Big Train Crash (Doom and Gloom). Great 1987 Verlaine bootleg.