Traveling in London

I flew into London yesterday morning, and my arms aren’t tired. And surprisingly the rest of me isn’t either. I got almost ten hours of sleep last night, and while I did wake bolt upright at 4:30 this morning I’m still feeling pretty good and not particularly jet lagged. It’s been gorgeous here, much nicer than it was when I last visited twelve years ago (granted, that was in February).

Things I’ve done so far: 

  1. Walked around the south side of Kensington Park, taking in the sights.
  2. Gotten lost in Harrods.
  3. Watched people queue around a city block for hours to go to the French Embassy to vote in yesterday’s election.
  4. Learned how much you can pay for unreliable hotel wifi.
  5. Evaluated several pubs in the vicinity of my hotel and found a keeper. 
  6. Figured out how to navigate the Underground (or reminded myself) and to get my tickets for the National Rail Service.

And that was the first day. Should be a fun trip.

New mix: My heart’s beating is all the proof you need.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a new mix. This one, My heart’s beating is all the proof you need (Art of the Mix), has been interesting–a little more upbeat than some of my past efforts, a few songs that have been kicking around my library for many years. I think the subtheme of this mix is in the second song: “It’s getting better all the time (can’t get no worse!).”

So there’s some party time stuff, both benign and wild; some funny tracks (I dare you to listen to “Bloody” with a straight face);  and some contemplative stuff. There’s not a lot of deep digging (outside of the Tom Waits/John Lurie track and maybe “Amen Brother,” which features what must be the most sampled drum break in the prehistory of hiphop), just some really fun listening. Just right for early spring.

  1. River of Men – Tom Waits/John Lurie (Fishing With John – Original Music From The Series By John L)
  2. Getting BetterThe Beatles (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band)
  3. Just Like HeavenThe Cure (Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me)
  4. Mondo ’77Looper (The Geometrid)
  5. Amen’ BrotherThe Winstons (Color Him Father (Original Masters))
  6. In The StreetBig Star (#1 Record – Radio City)
  7. Happy KidNada Surf (Let Go)
  8. Don’t You Just Know ItHuey “Piano” Smith and the Clowns (Don’t You Just Know It [EP])
  9. Pictures Of YouThe Cure (Disintegration)
  10. Near Wild HeavenR.E.M. (Out Of Time)
  11. Friends Stoning FriendsMclusky (Alan Is A Cowboy Killer)
  12. The Ox (Original Mono Version)The Who (The Who Sings My Generation)
  13. Head OnPixies (Trompe Le Monde)
  14. No Hiding PlaceElvis Costello (Momofuku)
  15. BloodyGolinski Brothers (The John Peel Singles Box)
  16. Do You Wanna Hit It?The Donnas (The Donnas Turn 21)
  17. Yard Of Blonde GirlsJeff Buckley (Sketches for My Sweetheart The Drunk)
  18. CodexRadiohead (The King of Limbs)
  19. Steam EngineMy Morning Jacket (It Still Moves)
  20. Calling My Children HomeEmmylou Harris (Spyboy)
  21. Things behind the SunNick Drake (Pink Moon)