Grab bag: Trailblazers and dilemmas

David Temple: The Trailblazers Glee Club alum David Temple was the first man to desegregate the fraternity system at UVa. (tags: universityofvirginia virginiagleeclub) iPhone Tip: create an Apple folder – iPhone J.D. Glyphs to name folders is a brilliant idea anywhere, but especially on space challenged iOS devices. (tags: iphone apple) Who Wants Prosciutto Ice […]

Doing secure development in an Agile world

My software development lead and I are doing a webinar next week on how you do secure development within the Agile software development methodology (press release). To make the discussion more interesting, we aren’t talking in theoretical terms; we’ll be talking about what my company, Veracode, actually does during its secure development lifecycle. No surprise: […]