Grab bag: Cool, Newt, Lenny, and UI

the impossible cool. This is what photoblogs should be like – indelible and just what they say. This is impossibly cool. (tags: photography history art photos) Matt Taibbi – Taibblog – Newt Gingrich Changes What’s Left of his Mind on End-of-life Care – True/Slant Shorter Gingrich: I was in favor of end of life care […]

The first part of the 1921 Yellow Journal

I’m gradually scanning and uploading the pages of the April 1921 Yellow Journal, that scurrilous anonymous satirical broadside at the University of Virginia. This morning I’ve uploaded pages 1 through 4 along with an index of the stories. The pages available through my site are 100dpi PNG files; TIFFs have also been produced. For now, […]