Grab bag: Parties and Python

Joho the Blog ยป Tech community party in Boston Sounds like a good party. (tags: boston cambridge harvard berkman party) YouTube: And Now For Something Completely Different on YouTube Just what I needed, another way to waste time on the Internet. (tags: humor montypython youtube) – Create arbitrary keyboard shortcuts for bookmarklets Interesting way […]

Remix culture: NASA’s bootleg Snoopy from 1969

I had read about NASA’s use of Snoopy and the Peanuts characters as unofficial mascots for Apollo 10 (it was well documented in Charlie Brown and Charlie Schulz, which sat on my Pop-Pop’s bookshelf alongside the Peanuts Treasury), but don’t remember seeing this. Courtesy Google Image Search and the LIFE archives: As good an argument […]

WordPress 2.6.3 CSRF security vulnerability

No link, because I’m posting this from my iPhone. But it looks like WordPress 2.6.3, the latest version, has a cross site request forgery vulnerability. The way CSRF works, if you have your WP site open and are logged in, an attacker can use another web page that’s open at the same time to perform […]