Grab bag: Old friends, WordPress, and more

StickySorter: A Tool for Organizing Information – Office Labs Pretty awesome tool for doing affinity maps. Look forward to trying it out. (tags: productmanagement marketing microsoft) Topspin ยป GRAMMY Northwest MusicTech Summit Keynote An inspiring presentation about the state of the music business. No, not for the labels: for the artists and fans. (tags: music) […]

Google LIFE archive: where’s the usage rights?

I’m impressed by the new LIFE photo archive at Google Images–it’s a truly significant work of digital content. But it’s missing one important thing: a usage policy. The images are marked (c) Time Inc., so it’s clear they aren’t public domain. But is there any way to purchase usage rights? The only reuse provision seems […]

Ubiquity memory issues on Firefox

I may have to stop using Ubiquity for a while. I’ve used it exclusively because it, plus the share-on-delicious script, provides a great keyboard-only way to tag web pages for Delicious, simply by ctrl-space and typing share Delicious bookmark description tagged delicious tags entitled title“. Alas, there are definite memory issues with Ubiquity or with […]