Minor gripe

Okay, this one is entirely my fault for partitioning a 30GB hard drive two and a half years ago, and letting it get to the point that the boot partition has less than 250 MB free and the other has less than 60.

But why is it that some apps are so VM hungry that they can actually chew up almost 200 MB of free disk space in a session? It’s probably me. I am in the habit of leaving NetNewsWire open for days at a time, and I think the app archives all the RSS bits that it receives so it knows whether you’ve read them or not. Last night I couldn’t print from Chimera. I then started quitting apps, thinking I might need to reboot, and got told by iTunes that it couldn’t save my library file because I was out of disk space. I cursed, quit NNW and Mail, and logged out and back in.

When I restarted iTunes my library was fine. But NNW was another story—all my subscriptions were lost and so were my weblog settings.

I’m not sure about the moral of the story: don’t bother partitioning your hard drive? Don’t leave NNW running for days? Or maybe, don’t build up an MP3 collection that’s almost 14 GB on a 30 GB hard drive.