Keiretsu: Matrix, Paris, life changes, nostalgia

Quick sweep through the keiretsu this morning:

  • Shuman has been blogging like his hair was on fire, writing about summer movies, TV, and the iTunes Music Store. Today he tweaks the folks who expected deep meaning in The Matrix Reloaded: “The Matrix is not a terribly intelligent series. But that doesn’t matter in the least, nor should it detract from the movies. Just as die-hard Star Wars fans grew up to find all kinds of hidden meaning in what George Lucas admits were intended to be children’s movies, fans of The Matrix are remembering it as more than it was intended to be.”
  • George and Becky are back from Paris and George is blogging the experience, complete with nightly menu readings. So far, to recap, it’s been canard, escargot, foie gras, more escargot, lamb, pork, Chateau Forquet, and a Basque meal. I’ll have to find out how George talked Becky into the sewer tour. I’ve always been drawn to hidden places in cities like that, but I could never convince Lisa about the catacombs in Rome, much less sewers.
  • Craig has finished some major coursework but is taking the summer off to focus on writing. He says “The most recent book I had a hand in, Teach Yourself Web Services in 24 Hours, just hit the shelves.” Cool.
  • Esta brings back some serious found object nostalgia. In return: the smoked glass candy dish on the table in one grandmother’s house and the bobble-head dolls from Africa in the other grandmother’s curio cabinet.