Anyone for tennis?

On this, the last full day of vacation (since I spend almost all of tomorrow in a plane; I love east coast/west coast trips), I thought I’d end up eating more sensibly and exercising more. I was half right.

Breakfast was simpler this morning, by which I mean fewer vegetables (my dad and I weren’t cooking). Scrambled eggs with ramps and onions, country ham, biscuits, and grits. Surprisingly I wasn’t stuffed, having been pretty selective in how much I ate, and Mom and I went for a short walk after breakfast to settle everything in.

Man, if yesterday was the worst of late spring South Carolina weather, today was the best. Though the high was almost where yesterday’s was, the morning was much cooler and the humidity was almost nonexistent all day, and while the sky had threatened and oppressed on Sunday, today it was clear blue with only a few wispy clouds.

Which, I suppose, is how I got the idea that racquet sports would be a good idea. I dragged Mom over to the badminton court first, knowing full well that it was too windy and that we would end up at tennis. To get the full humor of this, you have to know that PE was the only high school class I ever got a C in, and the last time Mom played tennis was almost 40 years ago. Thankfully, between lots of extra tennis balls, perseverance, and the lack of jeering spectators, we managed to avoid making complete fools of ourselves.

That was probably the high point of the day. The rest: a snack, sleep, swimming, fish fry (with hush puppies), Alka Seltzer (to settle the fried fish and hush puppies), Whose Line is it Anyway?, and bed.

Tomorrow’s blog forecast: clear tomorrow with a 15% chance of early morning bloggage, clear in the afternoon across the whole country from Charleston to Dallas to the Pacific Northwest, and a likely late-evening blog flurry coming in from Seattle.

More on disappearing albums

In a comment on my article about Radiohead’s albums disappearing from the iTunes Music Store (as reposted at Blogcritics), Matt MacInnis makes excellent points about the leverage that bands like Radiohead and Sigur Ros may have in their contracts to negotiate better royalties for new form factors. I wonder why other artists with equally high leverage, like U2 and Sting, haven’t done so. Maybe because they’re on Universal?

Another milestone API

Dave Sifry at Technorati has posted an API for Technorati. Unlike the other milestone web APIs (Google, MetaWeblog, Amazon), it uses simple REST and parameters passed in URIs to get information such as the link cosmos for a URL, information about a given blog, or all the blogs that are linked to by a given blogger, all in clean XML.