Bricks and blockbusters

Ah, late spring/early summer blockbuster time. As for the last few years, it’s the time that you’re not afraid to admit to friends, co-workers, and even your wife that you’re still a comic book geek at heart. X-Men 2 (I can’t quite bring myself to call it X2) was excellent last night. Though afterwards I was sad (not for the first time) that I let my collection (which included, in addition to complete runs of various mini-series and spinoffs, included numbers 94 (in which Nightcrawler, Storm, and Colossus made their first appearances, and Wolverine joined the team), 95, a handful of issues between, and then numbers 135 through about 225) go shortly after graduating college. —Sorry; geek off. (But there was something so fascinating about picking up the comic for the first time around #171, then going back and learning where all these friends had come from and where they had been. It helped that my first job was in a comic book store.)

So. Bricks. We’re about halfway done with our job, and our full pallet of bricks. There was one scary moment after we did the ramp from the driveway to the section we had already bricked in by the recycling, and started the section from the gate to the side garage door. And then I realized that the bricks were about an inch too high for the gate to close. We had done the new stretch at the same height as the other sections, but it was too high. Swearing, I had to dig out the bricks under the gate path. So now we have a bi-level path. At least until tomorrow. I’ll have to look at it again in daylight and see if I can live with it.

But it’s not all dusty and hard work. We have roses coming into bloom. And irises are starting to come out.