Shuman takes the red pill

No, not that red pill. Shuman’s started a blog. He’s handcoding it and he only has four entries and no permalinks, but hey.

Oh, and for the record, I disagree with him about The Two Towers. If it made more money, it was less about marketing inertia (though they certainly didn’t have to work as hard this time around to establish credibility with all the opinion leaders (i.e. Tolkien fanatics)) and more about the fact that, objectively, it was a better movie. More going on, less slack in the story, the amazing Helm’s Deep sequence, Gollum. Anyway, welcome to the blogging world, Shuman.

Artists the Apple Store doesn’t carry, but should

Going from my own list of tracks I’m trying to replace from CDs that were sold during college at the end of each semester for gas money (true!), I found some gaps in the Apple Music Store’s 2000 songs. I haven’t gone back to figure out who owns the rights, but I have pinged the Music Store Management using their handy suggestion form.

Here’s the list:

  • Peter Murphy: no tracks
  • Jesus & Mary Chain: no tracks
  • Jesus Jones: only their last album available
  • Radiohead: only OK Computer

There were also some tracks I didn’t expect to find, namely:

  • U2’s One single, including the fabulous “Lady With The Spinning Head”
  • Bugs Bunny on Broadway, including the full soundtrack to “Long Haired Hare” (“L-L-L-Leopold!”)

And finally, some notes on pricing: No apparent discounts for albums; you can only buy some songs, notably those over 6 minutes, on albums (no downloading just the 38-minute version of “Sister Ray” from the Quine Tapes box set for you!).