Second career

This weekend, in summary:

  • Friday: Thanks to Dave, about a thousand hits to the article about Apple and Universal (more on that in a minute). That night: dinner party and wine tasting (thanks, Catherine and Peter!). Guests stayed until after 1, laughing and talking.
  • Saturday: brick laying (what a fabulous way to follow up a wine tasting party!). We dug out a pine-bark covered path, laid in sand, put the bricks down, poured more sand over the path, and swept the sand down into the gaps between the bricks. Then we both felt a disturbance in the Force: as though a thousand back muscle cells cried out in anguish, and were suddenly silenced. Afterwards we went to a friendís cocktail party and reawakened the muscle cells, only to put them asleep again with some great sangria.
  • Sunday: laundry and more bricklaying, this time the muddy path between our fence and the brick pad where the garbage cans rest. Then a quick trip with our friends to Molbakís, where we bought dill, marjoram, thyme, basil, rosemary, mint, camomile, and oregano for the garden. Then lawn mowing, grass seeding, flower plantingÖ and near total collapse, before rallying to make angel hair pasta with shrimp in olive oil and lemon, salmon with Thai herbs, asparagus, and new potatoes. Followed oddly enough by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Oy. I think Iíll give my second career as a garden maintenance guy a miss.

How was your weekend?