Catching up: GetContentSize

Whew. A huge deliverable (far huger than it had to be) off my desk; a blocking task on three major objectives cleared; no meetings for the rest of the afternoon. There’s a lot of stuff going on in blogland right now that I want to note while I can.

First, the fun one: John Robb points to GetContentSize, which shows you how much stuff your readers have to download to get to your content (my interpretation). This blog (static version) is 36.13% content. By way of comparison, Slashdot is 28%; Scripting News is 29.89%; and John’s own weblog is 32.76%. By way of further comparison, Mark Pilgrim’s is 34.17%; I suspect it’s relatively low because Mark only has one article on his home page, meaning that there is a lot of header text etc. delivered for a single article payload.