Early delivery

A slightly sleepless night later (note to self: hamburger perhaps not the best thing to eat on a slightly acid stomach, even if homemade) and we awaken to the phone ringing downstairs. Lisa says, “I’d better turn on the upstairs ringer; we don’t want to miss the delivery call.” Then I hear a rumble from outside the window. I peek out and there’s a flatbed trailer parked across the street, with a pallet of bricks and landscaping ties atop it. I scramble into clothes and across the street and guide the forklift until he manages to push the pallet into the left stall of our garage (Lisa having volunteered to put her car outside until we can get the stuff all in place).

Yes, it’s a holiday here at Jarrett House North. The plan was to take off a day to get everything in place for our new bricked walks and garden beds. And of course it’s raining. Ah well.