He began his midnight creep

While we were in the garden last Saturday, Lisa noted large holes dug in the back bed, larger than you might expect from a squirrel. “Maybe it’s a cat,” I offered.

“Looks too big to be a cat,” she said grimly.

I thought it was destined to stay a mystery, but Sunday night after dinner with Ed and Gina we were sitting around the dining room table talking. Then Gina said, “Oh, you have a raccoon!” pointing out our skywall into the darkness.

I saw a naked pointed snout and said, “That’s no raccoon. It’s a possum.”

Sure enough, as we watched him, he went into the back bed where the holes were. He was huge, at least a foot tall at the shoulder, and not particularly afraid of the light either. At least until we got a flashlight, at which point he unhurriedly vanished into the bushes.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to get a picture. Sigh. At least now I know what’s been digging in the side lawn.