Saturday: flipping a switch

I opened my eyes yesterday to brilliant light streaming in the window. Lisa said to me, “We need to get up. It’s 11:30.” Startled I rolled out of bed and into the shower quickly, then came down to cook breakfast. A minute later Lisa said, “I need to fix my watch; it’s still on East Coast time.” Nothing like getting three hours back at the start of your day to really make you want to be productive.

So we were. After breakfast we got out into the yard. Lisa swept the patio and started weeding the back beds (where we are starting to see our first flowers). I took a hacksaw to the ten foot long pine branch that we lost in a windstorm in January. Then I mowed the grass and helped Lisa dig up some of the garden beds and cover them to kill any remaining weeds.

Afterwards we went downtown and walked by the water. It was amazing after so many dark months how choked with people the sidewalks were. It was just as though someone had flipped a switch and turned the town back on.

Today of course it’s raining and chilly. Gotta love the Northwest.