Broadening my horizons

Just got back from Jish’s very informal blogger gathering (don’t call it a meetup!) at Fadó in Seattle. In addition to meeting Jish, who’s quite a nice guy, and renewing F2F acquaintance with Anita and Jerry Kindall, I met a whole passel of new-to-me bloggers, including Jessamyn West from and And Dan Engler from, also known as one of the 2/17 Diesel Sweeties guest artists. Lots of good conversations.

Update, 2/26: Anita has a better summary including links to some people whose blogs I couldn’t remember last night in my brain dead exhausted state: Dan Sanderson, Jacob fron 8BitJoystick, Tara, and others.

Ugh. More font size crap

I should just leave well enough alone. IE 5 and 6 won’t allow me to resize the font even with its size specified in pixels. Also, more seriously, Gentium looks like crap when it’s bolded, since the designer hasn’t provided a true bold. Buh-bye.

Gentium cross platform issues

Okay, maybe Gentium won’t work well as a weblog font after all. I couldn’t tell the difference when I made the change on my home Macintosh, but on my XP machine at work the font is much much too small.

Which adds insult to injury, because you can’t resize it. I now have a greater appreciation for Georgia’s design than I did before; it looked almost the same on both machines.

I will be rolling back the stylesheet change, but thinking now more seriously about making the fonts user-resizable.