Dave blogs Boston

Dave discusses last night’s blogging discussion at Harvard. Donna Wentworth of Copyfight blogged the session. Interesting thoughts about the intersection of blogging and academia:

Derek: A classic is the response paper: one student writes a paper, others respond. It seems to me that the blog is a natural expansion of this tradition. And I think it will enhance a sense of communal learning in the classroom.

Dave Winer: Sounds hokey. [Big laugh.]

Here’s the thing. I blogged many of my business school experiences and thoughts—particularly in the area of technology strategy. I think I was too early and doing stuff that was less than directly relevant, because few of my friends had the slightest idea what I was doing or even that I had a weblog. I think Adam’s generation of b-school students (Adam is the HBS student in Donna’s notes) will be better able to use the tools to inform their discussion because they’ve been exposed to the tools.