Galactic Jane Austen

Having been overdosing on bad Photoshop contests recently, it was a pleasure to come across this slightly twisted little page, which presents, um, “alternate” characters and scenes in the works of Jane Austen that draw on the works of Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas. I think my favorite is Chewbacca as Mrs. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice:

“Oh, Han Solo, you have no compassion on my poor nerves… wrowloughoooow!”

Thanks to Anita for the pointer.

Doc in Hell

It looks like Doc Searls’s slow descent into hardware hell continues. After several mangled laptops and a lost (and returned) AirPort base station, in the last few days he has had his laptop and glasses stolen from his car and an Ethernet failure on his backup machine. Someone had better sacrifice a chicken to Murphy, quick.

Praying for time

I was going to post something else here, but just got an email that an old friend of mine from growing up days has cancer. We’re all hoping that Rob pulls through. This is his second run in with cancer; the first, which he had as a child, robbed him of his sight. I’m not often a praying man, but I’m praying that this new cancer won’t take more.