Weapons inspection goin’ on at Moxie’s

Moxie: Weapons inspection. Brilliant riff on how easy it is to turn the administration’s prelude to war into a bad joke:

I’m kind of hesistant to go out tonight. No, not because of the elevated terror threat but because I think it’s only a matter of time until wankers in bars start using this stuff to get tail:

“The UN passed resolution 69 which clearly states I get some ass this weekend. If I don’t, the terrorists win.”

Don’t miss the comments section, which I (ahem) had some input into.

QTN™: Kerst Pater Winter Ale

Kerst Pater Special Winter Ale: Another Belgian beer today, another winter ale. Will I ever get tired of either? Not as long as I have taste buds and it’s cold out. —On the pour you know this beer is serious. It looks totally black, but when held to the light it reveals a winey red deep within. Head poured dense and tall, rising about half an inch above the top of my glass before subsiding without incident or spillover. Nose complex, yeasty, a little spicy, a little pine note giving a hint of hops to come. Tasting: big malt up front, lingering kiss of hops at the end. Spicy all right, but not overwhelmingly so. Just a deep bready flavor with hints of nutmeg on the way down.

On hunting the Dog

I was wondering where Greg had gotten to; turns out it’s a Black Dog issue. Glad to see you back, Greg, and don’t apologize for taking time off. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

He also points to a possible source for the Black Dog metaphor: Winston Churchill. I didn’t have any idea that Churchill was depressive, much less that he used this analogy, but I dug deeper and found a book about it:
Churchill’s Black Dog
, by Anthony Storr, a series of essays on the success of creative individuals and their motivations.