I heard a tapping this morning as I was getting dressed, coming from the north wall of the bedroom. I’ve heard this before this week, so I decided it was time to see what was up. I tiptoed around the back corner of the house, and there was a bird, not moving, watching me, parked under one of the soffit vents under the eaves of the house.

I’m not sure whether it’s broken through the screen and has built a nest or whether it’s just looking for food, but I know I can’t do a lot about it without getting a taller ladder. The soffit vent is almost two stories up, and there’s no attic from inside to access that part of the roofline.

I took a few pictures of our newest house guest this morning, but I forgot that Lisa has the USB cable I use to get pictures from the camera to the computer. It was a brown bird with a spot of bright red color near its beak—I couldn’t see the pattern exactly and it flew away before I could take the picture.