Heroic bloggers all around

Example #1: William Gibson, blogging his book tour. Gibson is on track to blog his entire book tour, which is shaping up to be a grand sweep through America, modern blogging culture, and his back catalog, not to mention super-rare hardcover first editions of Neuromancer.

Example #2: Julie Powell of the Julie/Julia Project, bravely bouncing back from a near total meltdown on Sunday to not only save the recipes she was working on but move ahead with total brave dedication.

Example #3: Moxie, aka Madison Slade, coming out of another unfortunate relationship and turning the angst into a really good short story.

There are a ton of other examples, including my family and friends. But I sometimes think that blogging is a metaphor for the larger human struggle: to reverse entropy, to make sense of the disorder that each of us face in our own lives, and to use the disorder to tell stories that explain it all.