Useful time waster is a web application that claims to emulate different browsers from the original line mode browser from 1991, through NCSA Mosaic, beta Netscape, Netscape 1.0, IE 2.0, and HotJava. I’m pleased to report that my page is quite readable and almost looks like it was designed for all those browsers—if you ignore the fact that all my navigation links show up at the bottom of the page.

Esta gets better comments

I will say nothing more about how the conversations between me and the anti-Win Without War folks are going save to note that the fine art of the ad hominem attack is alive and well.

Esta seems to be luckier. Her post about same-sex marriages attracted a thoughtful and responsibly articulated opposing view, in her comments rather than in email so it could be easily publicly shared. And so she started a real dialogue. This just goes to show that her language skills are more advanced than mine, I suppose…

BTW, happy belated BlogBirthday® to Estaminet. When I lost a guest blogger over a year ago I gained a keiretsu. Not a bad tradeoff.