On the difficulty of changing one’s address

I wouldn’t have thought that moving this blog to a new server would take so long. On one level, it’s done: all my old data is on the new server, happily cooking along, and I’m directing all the new content to the new site. So what’s the problem?

The problem is that there are a lot of blogging infrastructure tools out there that have a long memory. Google is one of them. There are about 7,270 search results for me at my old address (which still has a page rank of 6), compared with only 184 at my new one. Bear in mind that both sites have the same content. Google just hasn’t finished spidering the new site.

This is partly because very few people have updated their links to my site. Most people’s blogrolls have been updated, but links like my blog of the Apple keynote have not.

And, of course, despite my plea, there are still a ton of people hitting the old site’s RSS feed with aggregators–Radio, Frontier, and NetNewsWire. Sigh. I appreciate the attention, folks, but you’d actually get fresh content if you came here.

The irony is that Dave Winer was one of the folks who worked to design and implement RSS redirection, the “I’ve Moved” notice for RSS subscriptions, but it hasn’t been implemented in Manila yet.