Esta is doing her Thanksgiving blogging a day early, and gives thanks for a long list, including the keiretsu, our Pop-pop, and Parliament, among others.

I’m thankful too, for:

  • My loving and patient wife Lisa;
  • Esta: her encouragement, wit, and blog;
  • My Pop-pop, for his enduring humor, strength, and everything else;
  • My parents and in-laws for their love and support;
  • Our house and the fact that it’s still standing;
  • All my friends from Sloan;
  • Greg and Craig, for wit, insight, and steadfast friendship;
  • Tony Pierce, Doc Searls, and Moxie for good reading;
  • Brent Simmons, for good reading, good software, and net.friendship;
  • Dave Winer, for the above, plus good platforms and for surviving his surgery to blog, blog again;
  • Sonic Youth and Arvo Pärt, for transcendence;
  • the Cascadian Chorale and the E-52s, for the opportunity to perform;
  • My readers, for the feedback, the sympathy, and the flow;
  • This weblog, for helping me keep my sanity.