Say goodbye to painting

We painted trim last night and today (three window frames, two door frames, baseboards, five windows) in the front bedroom, and put a second coat of paint (“Washed Lemon”) on the walls. We also lost a little of the paint on the moldings to the masking tape. (Aside: when did masking tape become blue? And when did it start having an appetite for high gloss paint?)

In between, we painted the ceiling and the walls above the trim bar in the parlor (now called the Sun Room, owing to the color) a brighter white. And hung the shades. Gotta love Smith and Noble: mail order custom shades, thankyouverymuch. We’ll have pictures shortly, once we finish hanging the Italian china.

And once I finish touching up the damaged trim where some of the paint got taken off by the tape, we’re pretty much done with painting. At least until next year….