Scary obsessive compulsive organizer day

Following the sniper story to the Washington Post, I stumbled across this “Organizing Guide” that is scaring me a little bit. (Probably because our house is still a partly unpacked mess.) But the closet thing is, I think, the most out of control. If you follow some of the links in the closet article, you could wind up at EasyClosets’s online Java-based closet designer, complete with custom floor plan drawing tool.

The scary part is, I want to use it.

Moving this site

Well, after 17 months of active use (and much longer ownership–I have content on this site dating back to 2000), I’ve finally bitten the bullet and spent some money on a professional Manila hosting service. I have really appreciated the free space on Userland’s server, but they’re not a hosting company and can’t be held to the same expectations for server uptime and so forth–certainly not for free. (It was the server falling over for two hours during the day earlier this week that sparked the decision.)

What does this mean for you, my loyal reader? I will post a link to the new site when it’s up and running, and will do everything I can to redirect traffic. The one thing I don’t know about is whether Userland will put RSS redirection into place on Manila, so if you’re subscribing to this feed, look for an item giving the new subscription address.

The timeline isn’t firm yet, but I expect the changes to happen in the next week. As a result there may be a quiet period on the blog so that I don’t lose anything during the migration process.