Weekend catch-up

Lots of stuff this weekend. Friday Lisa and I went to Szmania’s in Kirkland. Ludger was doing his annual Oktoberfest “German soul food” weekend. It was pretty darn good—pleasant, professional service and excellent pork products.

Saturday we spent most of the day outside. There were a bunch of tree branches that we had pruned off then stacked under the pines in front, so I cut them up to go in recycling bags. Lisa and I both took turns killing moss in the lawn. She also built a new bed in front of the sidewalk, where our grass had died long ago. Saturday night we went for Thai with Ed, Gena, Catherine and Peter at Orrapin in Queen Anne. The food was excellent; my eyelids sweated.

Sunday we had just finished removing a dead hornet’s nest from 20 feet above our front walk when our neighbor from across the street came up. He was looking for commiseration. His basement had been flooding since yesterday; they had been unable to do more than keep up with the flooding with two pumps. We commiserated and said that we hoped it got fixed soon. When we came back from running some errands, the city was digging in front of our house. Apparently the feeder line that fed both our houses had ruptured, so they had to cut off our water until they could lay new line. They were able to give us water temporarily by running a hose from our neighbor’s house into one of our spigots (I didn’t realise those could go both ways!!). Eventful weekend.

Manila Envelope v.1.0.3a Released

The release notes are here. This version adds Jaguar compatibility. It has not been tested with pre-10.2.1 versions of Mac OS X; feedback is appreciated. Also noteworthy: this version now uses XMLRPC exclusively. You can download the software here; source code is also available.

I’ve deliberately avoided adding new features in this release since it took me so long to get the Jaguar bugfixes figured out. But there may be a couple of new features coming soon.