Bangor has an Internet café

After a really long flight (Seattle to Atlanta to Boston to Bangor, Maine), I got in to find that Lisa was delayed in construction. I looked around for something to do and was surprised (well, astonished, really) to find Bangor International Airport’s first Internet café.

Well, to be fair, it’s really an Internet kiosk plus cell phone dealership. But it is absolutely the last thing I expected to see, and it’s $3 for 15 minutes. And as the likelihood of WiFi in this part of Maine is pretty remote, it’ll do just fine.

Almost as unexpected as flying into Atlanta at 5:30 this morning (Terminal A), bracing myself to find an awful bagel or something, and finding a place that did really excellent scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuit. I could have had grits and gravy if I wanted it. There was even wireless from Laptop Lane–unfortunately, they weren’t savvy enough to provide web-based self service sign ups, so it refused to serve me an IP address and was therefore pretty useless. On the whole I prefer the Internet access in Bangor.