More iCal stuff

“Morbus Iff” has already taken my idea about using iCal as a website front end and written a Movable Type hack to export blog entries to an ICS format. The nice thing is he already figured out how to do some things that were tripping me up, like including links.

The bad thing is, Morbus seems like a real creep. I don’t normally say that about people I only know from their weblog posts, but scrolling down that’s the only word that applies to some of the obsessive nasty thoughts he/she has posted.

Check out the iCal Weblog maintained by Ole Saalmann.

Frontier updates

Those wacky guys at Userland have gone and updated Frontier to 9.0. For those of us on Manila websites, the best thing about this update is that Lawrence collected all the change notes in one place (many of these things were released quietly in the past few months).

One of the cooler features that I hadn’t played with until today is the viewNewsItems macro. I was able to use it to finally give a more unified view of my old stories and my newer writing on my site navigation pages (the ones listed by name under “Navigation”). Now, on each page in addition to a link to the list of all news items there are the five most recent news items for that topic.

I may take advantage of this feature to add a “recent news” box on pages other than the home page. It allows use of custom templates, so I could run just headlines, change the typeface, etc. Maybe a project after I finish messing with OmniOutliner2OPML.